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RF Tightening – Skin Tightening

RF (Radio Frequency) Tightening is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure. The treatment uses Radio Frequency technology   which helps to heat lower layers of the skin. This in turn causes the skin to produce more collagen. Also, when heat is applied to existing collagen fibres it causes them to shrink and tighten. The treatment can be applied to most areas of the body, so for example can help rid of sagging skin after having a baby. Or to help reduce loose skin. The treatment works immediately after one session, and is typically administered in 6 sessions. It is also an excellent complement to Cavitation. The therapist can advise the best mix of treatments. The treatment will last as long as your skins natural ageing and can be repeated.

  • Non-surgical procedure.
  • Helps treat lower layers of the skin.
  • Helps rid sagging skin.
  • Works immediate after 1 session.
  • Excellent complement to Cavitation.
  • Great value for money.
RF Tightening
RF Tightening

Price List

RF Tightening Treatment Price
RF Tightening – Single Session (per area) £75
RF Tightening – Course (6 sessions, per area) £375

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